SEWN International Specialist Recruiting understands that searching for a new job can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure, especially if you are looking for work abroad. Allow us to help you find a position that is “SEWN” to your needs.

Our consultants are trained to understand your needs in the best possible way and find your dream position amongst the many constantly renewed positions in our database of available job offers.
Each application is very important to us and even if we have no current vacancies fitting your profile, our team will give you a response and keep searching to find a position suitable for you. 

Cost, partnership and commitments

Our services are free of charge for candidates and you can benefit from our services in several ways as outlined below. Further registering in our database in non-binding.

When we find a position we think might be suitable for you we will contact you so that you can confirm you are interested.

IF an employer invites you for an interview abroad the typical is that they reimburse half the travel and accommodation cost to ensure commitment from both sides.

SEWN partners with other recruiting agencies in Europe and will – unless a candidate specifically requests otherwise – share candidates profiles if we believe this will enhance the ability of finding the correct employment opportunity for a specific candidate.

Referral system

In case you know another person in your network who would be a right match for a position and who is interested in being listed with us we will offer you a “gift” when/if this referral leads to a successful placement. Thus providing all-the-way-win situation between you, your friend, us and the employer.

After 3 successful references we will offer you an Apple i Pad as a token of appreciation.

Personal Customized Consulting and efficiency

  • Our job search is customized (“SEWN”) in order to find a position that best suits your preferences.
  • We advise and present job offers as detailed as possible before employment. 
  • While we conduct the job-search for you, you can concentrate on your daily activities .
  • Job interviews will be arranged by us with potential employers according to your and the employers schedule. 
  • We support you all the way through the process of formalities and documents required for foreign employment.
  • We offer fast track lessons through our language school services in order to improve your language skills and acquire required language degrees. ( see ”Language training”)
  • We offer to assist you in the re-location process such as home search for you and school search for your children. 
  • We are there for you in the subsequent phases for questions related to your new home.

Stages of selection:

  1. You send us your CV and fill the “Base data” for our database hereunder indicating the countries you would like to work in and the languages you currently know etc. (you can turn to us with a general interest or indicate specific numbers from our listed database of jobs that you would like to be considered for.
  2. Our consultants contact you for more specific information on your requirements.
    The more accurate your requirements are related to the prospective employer the better we understand what you seek. At this stage, we require a set of documents that employers usually ask for, besides your CV. Papers such as, university diploma, specialist degree, and possibly a language certificate.
  3. We send your information to relevant employer(s):
    Only employers that meet your criteria will receive your application. Response time varies from country to country, as your CV should be viewed by several people before the decision makers invite you to an interview. 
  4. We will arrange the interview with your potential new employers in order to fit your and the employer’s time schedule. You should typically expect that there will be an initial interview on Skype. If needed we can assist with translation services for the first interview.
  5. We support you all the way in handling the formalities for obtaining recognition of professional qualifications (this may take some time varying both within and between countries).
  6. At the same time (while waiting) – if necessary – you can enroll in the appropriate class provided by our language school service in order to obtain the required language degree to work abroad. Also at this point we can help you with relocation procedures such as finding a home and a school for your children.
  7. You start working. The option of working at a junior level with a lower initial required language level may also be available in some cases.