If you have been refereed to this website by Jessica Kluge and wish to pursue a medical position in either of the following countries:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway

SEWN International Specialist Recruiting would be very happy to support your endeavor to do so.

If you would like SEWN International Specialist Recruiting to support your endeavor in finding a medical position abroad, please take the time to fill out the Application form below.


*Please note that SEWN International Specialist Recruiting will only accept and process CVs from candidates that have attended medical universities that are validated by the World Directory.

To help and protect patients and to meet the needs of our clients, we need to know that a doctor has attended a genuine medical school of good standard, and has demonstrated the competence required to become a certified medical doctor. The validated information in the World Directory proves that a medical school exists and is of good quality.

The World Directory defines “medical school” as an educational institution that provides a complete or full program of instruction leading to a basic medical qualification; that is, a qualification that permits the holder to obtain a license to practice as a medical doctor or physician.